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Build-my-Brand Crash Course 💥

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About the Club ♣

As part of signing up to the  Build-my-Brand Crash Course 💥  you also get access to The Brand Strategy Club™ ♣. This is an impact focused, private community led by Kiki Bhaur, which focuses on supporting businesses to build and grow an impactful brand.

What does the BSC™ offer? 🤔

The Brand Strategy Club™ offers in-person and online brand strategy workshops and online brand strategy courses, including the flagship Build-my-Brand Crash Course 💥

Being part of the Brand Strategy Club™ gains you access to free monthly coaching calls, online and in-person meetups, opportunities to work and collaborate and access to an exclusive network of strategists, designers, developers, marketers, copywriters and more to help your brand achieve its goals.  

Who is the BSC™ for? 🤼

It's a collaborative network for people or teams focused on building their brands and making a positive impact. Allowing you to connect, learn and share from brands that are making a real impact across the world.

Most importantly, this community is focused on building YOUR brand. Taking your brand to its next stage, whether that's creation, growth, adaptation or transformation.

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For more information please visit brandstrategyclub.com, or contact us via email at [email protected]

I'm looking forward to meeting you at one of the workshops or on an online coaching call!

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